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Tony Greenhand, el arte de liar.

Tony Greenhand es un artista en toda regla, su arte lo define como «Smokable art of all kinds»,

Aqui os dejamos una galeria con fotos suyas y algunos videos.







Tambien podeis seguirle desde su instagram.

I have always loved smoking cannabis. I spend most my days smoking, it helps me sleep and think and eat things like a sprinkled donut, but sometimes cannabis will make me feel sick. I will have back pain, or stomach pain, or there will be a buildup of air in my chest that can be both uncomfortable and painful. This is known as cannabis hypermesis syndrome, however I don’t believe cannabis is the cause. Instead I think a common pesticide, Azadirachtin, is to blame. Do you use Azamax or Azatrol in your garden? Linked in my bio is an article about the symptoms of cannabis hypermesis and how they correlate with the symptoms of Azadirachtin poisoning. The first Cannabis hypermesis case was in 2004 when Azadirachtin was approved for use in the USA. You may have smoked this without knowing as most states recreational or medical systems do not have a testing system in place for pesticides. I would like to have an open discussion about this in the comments. Do you use a product with Azadirachtin in your grow? Have you felt sick after smoking cannabis? (Thank you to @maxwelll_17 for the link)👇👇#creativerolling #growyourown

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